Verizon can't help and I feel ripped off
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I have been trying to activate my Hulu subscription that I have through my Verizon wireless account's Disney + bundle. I have been paying for both the bundle and Disney + only. 2 charges: $6.99 and $7.99 per month. I am able to log into my Disney + account and my ESPN + account, but Hulu asks me to select a plan and give a payment, every time I try to access the service. I have tried on my desktop computer, my TV, my phone and my iPad. I have asked for help from Verizon and Hulu customer service, and no one has been able to help. A real slap in the face after spending time on hold and dealing with customer services own technical issues. The only solution was to cancel the subscription? So Verizon, if you want more accounts to add on services, maybe help them with their issues instead of telling them to just cancel. So, how do I get back the $8/per month I've been giving you, when I haven't received the services advertised?

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Re: Verizon can't help and I feel ripped off
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Hello marshallassociates1. We're truly sorry to learn that you've had such difficulty with signing up for the Disney +/ Hulu bundle successfully. I have sent you a Private Note. Please respond at your earliest convenience.