Verizon charging me for a phone I returned
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In January, I upgraded my phone from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 13 Mini. I entered into an agreement to get a $350 credit for returning my old device. I shipped it off and received a confirmation from UPS that it arrived at the end of January. But, no credit appeared back on my bill. I called and they say they haven't received it. I share the proof of delivery from UPS and then they let me know my credits should appear on my next bill.

Next month, same thing no credit on my bill and when I call they say they haven't received it. Next month again, and again. Now it's May and I've been wrongly overpaying my bill this entire time because I can't get my credit issued. Today, I call and they now say received it but it's an empty box. No it's not. I shipped the phone! I can't file a claim with UPS because it's their shipping label. 

One look at this community forum and I can clearly see this is common tactic from Verizon to sc*m innocent customers out of their hard earned money. Appalling and predatory. 

Now, my only option is to file a claim with BBB and FTC unless they take responsibility and ownership for this disaster. I've been with Verizon for at least 10 years, but finally going to make the switch to AT&T. Unbelievable. 

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