Verizon customer service agent mistakes costing me money and no clue about return
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I contacted customer care via chat option on the site to ask a question about trade-in and 500 switch promotion. The customer care agent said she can help me with an order and she told me to enter my details on the web link. I provided the link and she said I am eligible for the line but not for the device payment option so I need to pay in full for a device

I asked if it is full payment how will trade-in even possible, my idea was trade-in is only for device payment. She said you can still do trade in and get credits monthly on your bill. She forced me to pay the full amount for the order, I again asked did you add the trade in - she said yes I added trade in, trade in label will be there in the box for you.

I received phone in 2 days but no trade in label. I contacted customer care they said trade in not possible without device contract. Spoke to different agents via text, chat and phone.. The all suggested me to return my device and reorder. 

I talked to another agent explained all, she also forced me to return and re-order. Finally with no option I agreed, she processed the return, reordered the phone. I got the return label in email and the phone in two days.

I returned the previous phone the same day and delivered to the Texas center in 3 days.  It is 5 days there is no update from verizon that my return is accepted or processed. I contacted customer care they all say not able to track my return, their system not showing it blah, blah, blah. 

It is 1200$ amount charged on my credit card, plus a device worth of the same money with a Verizon contract.

I have no clue if my return is accepted, when will they process the return and refund the money. 

I am still a customer, but all the time misguided by their customer service agents. 

1. They said i am not eligible for device payment option - it is proven false. 

2. Next agent told me to return and reorder the device - they will refund the money. But didn't say it will take weeks/months or years to get a refund from Verizon.

3. Every day have to spend much time with their customer care and end up with frustrations.

If Verizon doesn't process my return, I am going to raise a dispute with my bank no other option left with me.

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