Verizon data extremely slow
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I changed over from AT&T a few days ago.

I was on an equivalent Unlimited plan.

Now, on Verizon, my iPhone Xr cannot connect to data at all when I am in certain areas, such as my workplace (90810).

I also have another iPhone Xr (under work's AT&T plan), so I can compare the exact same models in the exact same spots.

I can get data connection with the AT&T phone, but no data connection on my Verizon phone.

I tried different phones, and it is always the same. The phone with the Verizon sim card cannot connect at all to data. While the AT&T phone(s) have not trouble.

If I did not get myself on a phone plan, I would switch back immediately.

My Verizon phone cannot even connect to mail, much less app store, or anything that requires data connection.

Was Verizon always this bad?

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Sounds like you went with Verizon's cheapest unlimited and trying to use that in a congested area.


It wasn't always like this, you have the likes of T-Mobile to blame for Verizon change an easy to follow unlimited plan for one that has 3 seperate tiers.

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Same here if not on WiFi it seems to take forever to load web pages or go online with LTE on Verizon ?