Verizon does not appreciate 21 year customers with six lines of service
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We have been with Verizon for over 21 years.  Four phones and two home phone services.  I was told to wait until Black Friday and there would be great deals for upgrades.  There were not.  I was told to wait for Cyber Monday.  I did.  Nothing was really offered to upgrade, all required a trade in for the most part, only on the most expensive phones.  I was hoping to upgrade to apple 8's with a good upgrade offer.  Still only 100 off.  I can go to ATT and get four new phones and save over 2000 dollars by porting over my numbers and getting new phones for the most part FREE.  Guess I will now play the game of going back and forth now between carriers.  We don't travel much anymore and ATT has great coverage along the routes we do take and are in KC and Chicago pretty much now when we do travel.

Verizon is betting we will not leave.  They promise and don't deliver.  They don't value our business any more.  Sad.  They don't appreciate us, unless we play the game of switching back and forth.  Makes no sense for me to change one phone line and get a new number, to get a deal.  Come on Verizon. Oh well.  We will be switching soon. I would encourage all the rest of us to do the same thing and maybe Verizon will appreciate us.  They ASSUME we won't switch and pay up, while others get great deals.  Well let's show them to not take us for granted and make the switch that they are forcing us to do. 

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Re: Verizon does not appreciate 21 year customers with six lines of service
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My loyalty plan new customers wouldn't have access to disagree.