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Can anyone hear help advise the escalation steps to have something resolved by Verizon wireless.  I just moved 5 lines to Verizon from TMobile as my family has been traveling to an area that isn’t serviced well by the TMobile network.  In 10 years with TMobile, I have never experienced poor customer service.

Over the past 3 weeks, my service with TMobile has been nothing short of ridiculous and unbelievable.  The sales agent who sold me the phones advised me the three iPhone 11s I purchased would qualify for a monthly credit and a $300 gift card per line.  Last week I still had not received the link, and when I was speaking with an agent about some porting issues, the agent also registered the devices for the rebate and sent me the link and promo codes to enter.

Today I get three emails from Verizon stating the phones don’t qualify for the gift cards — the conversations have all been through text with the Verizon sales agent, through email and through documented phone calls that I have agreed to have recorded.  At this point I am owed $900 by Verizon in gift cards, and I will be making every effort for Verizon to pay what has been committed.

I have had 5 calls into the 800 number (and #611) that have ended with the Verizon automated system hanging up on me during open business hours.  I settled for chatting with an agent tonight and in 25 years of paying for services of on type or another, I have probably never experienced such a horrible level of customer service.  Again, all documented within the Verizon app.  

If I had any idea this is what the Verizon customer service as like, I never would have switched and would have just tolerated the spotty T-Mobile service.  I would recommend T-Mobile to anyone and will continue to do so until this Verizon experience improves and even then it would be questionable.  Long story to get to this question… how does someone escalate a problem within Verizon to a manager who still understands customer service and is capable of resolving an issue?  That is provided, such a manager even exists.

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Re: Verizon esclation
Customer Service Rep

Hello, we do not want to make you regret switching over to us. Allow us to look into this for you. Please send us a Private Note to proceed.