Verizon hacked account - phones not ordered being charged to account

I was hacked last week by someone pretending to be a Verizon rep who asked called and asked if I ordered three phones to go to an address in Phoenix, AZ.    Long story short, he sent me "Verizon" links and got into my account.  He sent three  phones to my house.  UPS confirmed that they were received and signed for.  They were not.....I have cameras.  I filed a police report, and they are very involved.  I told the detective I would file a claim with UPS to see if the order was redirected.  UPS sent the driver out the next day and would not let him sign a statement or make a video statement.  What he did tell me, with the detective on the phone listening, was that a young Hispanic woman in her 30's, stopped his truck five doors away and said she was me.  He let her sign for the phones, and off she went.  I have called Verizon four times to get this addressed.  The day of the delivery my first call was to Brianna amounted to the fact that my account was locked, and there was nothing she could do.  (How can a hacker lock my account?)  She said there were no supervisors that day to help.  The next call that day was to with "Mary, " and we worked on changing all the security.  Mary sent me to Fraud.  After waiting 45 minutes, "Elita" came on the phone and said that I would have to pay Verizon for the charges for the 36 months, and that I had ordered the phones -- they have it on the record that I called and ordered them.  THAT was the most useless call and unhelpful my utter amazement.  The next day I spoke to "Anna" and waited on the line for 30 minutes for her to come back and say that I need to go to a company Verizon store and bring a copy of the police report.  So I went to that company Verizon store yesterday and asked for a manager.  I was told by the scheduler 30 minutes later that the manager told him that I needed to call Verizon, and that they could not help me at the store level.  I have been a great paying customer for two phones, two watches and an iPad for over 20 years.  And THIS is how Verizon treats me.   I am still waiting to hear from UPS, and my detective, know that this is a local group, is filing warrants for arrest today.  In all of this the police have been the most responsive.  You would think that Verizon would want to learn more about this to keep it from happening to their customers.  Any advice on how to get Verizon to respond?

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