Verizon has become absolutely ridiculous
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I have been with Verizon for probably 15 or more years now.  I buy a new phone almost every year and I get the run around for an entire week just to be told I have to wait 14 more days for them to change my plan and receive more of my money.  I went to upgrade my plan was told there was an error and that it would be fixed by morning. Then get told 24 hours , then get told this will be resolved in the next two hours, then I’m told 72’hours. And so on and so on , guarantee after guarantee. I have screen shots of every promise Verizon has made with no action.  I needed the extra data and hotspot for work . And now I’m being told 14 days , I’m suppose to have my trade in device sent back and I will not do it until the matter is resolved. I want to make sure no extra charges are made to my account ! Thank you !! 

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