Verizon has the worst service I’ve ever dealt with.

Back in October 2018, I switched from T-Mobile and bought an iPhone XS MAX. Biggest mistake ever. I signed the contract for a Gold iPhone XS MAX with insurance. Simple right? Wrong. I recieved the phone and couldn't even activate it due to the wrong number being attached and apparently he ordered a space grey even tho I had my gold in hand! So Verizon gets this "squared away" or so they said. Then my son breaks my phone and it's time to make an insurance claim. But I can't because I have a Gold phone and Verizon has me on file for a space grey one WITHOUT insurance!! Again they "square it away" and I get a replacement phone. About 1 1/2 years later it's time to make an insurance claim and what do you know, NO INSURANCE AGAIN! I call Verizon, a girl helps me then hangs up on me.. call back and I'm in a 3 hour long phone call that results in them saying their supervisor is gonna call me back and even sends a text to confirm it! No call. I call back two days later, a girl gets me an "in house claim" and jokes about how she's never done this before, then proceeds to tell me it's all done, I have insurance, and I will be receiving a text to confirm my order. BUT instead I recieve an email asking me to pay 1200 for an entirely new iPhone XS MAX gold!!!!! DOES ANYONE AT VERIZON KNOW WHAT THEYRE DOING??? I'm so frustrated at this point. 

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Re: Verizon has the worst service I’ve ever dealt with.
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An in-house claim would be having you pay the cost of a deductible (typically around $149 to $199) with Verizon crediting the rest.

Unlike an insurance claim, this would be a new phone instead of refurbished. 

Sounds like the rep didn't mark down the price from retail since that's what an in-house is -- discounting a retail order to deductible cost. Wouldn't fault Verizon 100% on this, Asurion is a bad choice for an iPhone. You want Apple Care for those.

Re: Verizon has the worst service I’ve ever dealt with.

Had you read your bill for accuracy you would have picked up the lack of insurance. Your phone is identified by its IMEI, and it's activity on a line, not it's color.   So that's not why you had a problem with the claim.