Verizon lie to me on 13 pro max
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I hate to complain here, but I have to.

I pre-order on 9/19, the shipment date on the order was 10/1. 

I saw lots of people get the email or message noticed the delivery date will delay.

On 9/30 and 10/1, I contact the Verizon customer service agent to make sure my phone could be shipped on time since I didn't receive any email or message notice me my shipment delay.

Both of the agents told me: you have my word, I promise your phone will ship on 10/1, please don't worry. I said Ok. I saw lots of people who ordered pro max delay the date

I waited until midnight of 10/1, I contact the agent again, the agent told me, please don't worry, your phone shipped out today, but it needs few hours to update our system.

OK. I will check today morning. When I waked up and check the status, guess what? The shipment date change to 10/2 automatic. Nice. No email notice, No message notice. Just delay your date automatically.  I think if I contact the agent again, they will promise me, the phone must ship on 10/2. Real make me sick. I contact the agent and ask what is going on. I told him, don't lie to me. I think they could not continue to lie anymore and told me that is estimated date, could be shipped earlier or later.

I feel sick is not about your delay date, it is about Verizon keep lie to customers, I promise you, you have my word. You should just let me know you can not guarantee the shipment date. That's it. 

Don't give hope to people and destroy them. It is really disgusting.

Re: Verizon lie to me on 13 pro max
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Verizon agent:

I appreciate your patience staying online. Based on what I can see. The device is already sent to carrier. Just waiting for the tracking details.
Me: the device is already sent to verizon?
Me: only wait for verizon send to me?
Actually, we sent it through the carrier who will deliver the device to you. We are only waiting for the carrier shipping details once we confirmed that the device is on it's way.
Do you believe that?😅
Re: Verizon lie to me on 13 pro max
Customer Service Rep

As a valued customer, your concerns are always our concerns too. Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed information. After reviewing the feedback you're sharing with our team here, I'd be disappointed too. I apologize for your inconvenience.  We certainly want our customers to receive their equipment orders in a timely manner.


Due to heavy demand for the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, this resulted in a delay of the shipping date. Verizon is working to provide our customers, via email with updated information about  the delayed device notification. Please check your email for a status update about your equipment delivery date. Thank you for your patience.


-Robert C.

Re: Verizon lie to me on 13 pro max