Verizon lost my iphone

I recently traded in two iphone 11's for the iphone 13 promo.  I upgraded online and received both new phone in one shipping box.  The box also only contained one return envelope.  I assumed they wanted both phones together since they only sent one return envelope. I sent both phone back in the one envelope and they only processed one.  I video taped myself putting both phones together in one envelope and sealing it.  

Ive reached out the CS and they keep telling me they only received one.  I can see here that this is a very common problem and it almost seems like they either do this purposely or their returns team is stealing and reselling the extra phones due to a loophole.

Im beyond frustrated as Ive been a great customer for over a decade.

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Re: Verizon lost my iphone
Customer Service Rep

Hello, carnivoredad. Thank you for reaching out to us with your concern, and thank you for your long years of preference to our service. We have sent you a private note, so we can discuss the details about the issues you are experiencing with your trade-in. ~Pamela