Verizon not Honoring Promotion
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In December I received an Email from Verizon about a $400 discount for an upgrade to the Iphone XS.  The discount was supposed to applied as a $16.67 credit to each $37.49 billing cycle for 24 months.  I have still not received any of these credits.

Here is the promotion:



Here is the purchase receipt:




I contacted support about this.  The first agent said they did not see any promotion applied to my purchase.  They said they checked and didn't see any emails to me on the date I received the promotion and purchased the phone.  I offered to provide proof and they said the only way I could do this was through the Messenger + app (This in itself is completely ridiculous, but I felt like I had no other option).  After installing this app, they were unable to tell me how to contact them through the app (The instructions they provided did not match the app at all).  When I told them this, they disconnected from the chat.


I then connected to a new representative. I went through my entire story again.  This person got as far as looking up the promotion before leaving the chat.


At this point I have been trying to fix this for over an hour and a half.  I have copies of the promotion, payment agreement, and this absolutely terrible customer service.  How do I go about getting the agreed upon credit?

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Re: Verizon not Honoring Promotion
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pvaden, we always want you to be able to receive all eligible promotions. On behalf of Verizon Wireless, we apologize that we have not been able to provide the assistance that has been needed to research what the issue is. I have sent you a Private Note so that I can gather much-needed information in order to assist you further. Please respond back to us in the Private Note to continue. AliciaD_VZW

Re: Verizon not Honoring Promotion
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I had the same problem. I received a text about a promotionin January. The website was not working so I called instead.  We had not been looking to upgrade or phones but with the promo that was sent to us and the 2 other promos the call representative brought to our attention, we decided to make the upgrade. The total bill was going to be around $120/month. After 3 months of receiving a $165 bill, spending over 9 hours on the phone, being bounced between over 10 different representatives, and spending several more hours through the digital chat, I was only just now able to get the bill down to $130. The first several hours were basically calling me a liar. The remainder involved them telling me that the rep shouldn't have given me the promos because i didnt qualify. Obviously it was me that was supposed the know the details of the promos, that THEY brought to my attention, that THEY said I qualified for, and that THEY assigned to my account. At one point a rep even implied it was my fault saying that if someone says they will sell me a unicorn, then it's my fault because I should know unicorns don't exist. Ultimately I still don't have the agreed upon price, I've wasted a ton of time, and I can't even go back to my old setup because one of the promos they incorrectly assigned to me was a trade-in promo, so our old phones are gone. Not only was customer service horrible, but now they are making it seem like they did me a favor for reducing the bill at all.

Re: Verizon not Honoring Promotion
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2 years ago, we traded in 2  near new looking phone for our "upgrade" we were assured we would get 579.00 and 680.00  respectivly for our phone. We got the run around for over 3 months and with that we were both stuck with device payments for 2 years.  I've also noticed the device payment has been the same as for buying a phone without a trade. Thus, we gave Verizon our phones got nothing for them, and we were stuck with a payment for 2 years. 

The NEW "deal" if we decide to  upgrade again is trade the phones at 220.00 each ( Verizon is offering "up to" 800.00 for your trade ( which they will just take your phones) and  they want us to go to another more expensive plan too, which we will never need.  Bottom line is. Yes, Verizon is not giving anybody a "deal" and re-selling your phones for full money. 

Best way is to buy an unlocked phone, pay the 35 bucks to change it over, and keep your existing plan ( This is some advice I got from an actual Verizon Rep at a Verizon Store )   KEEP your existing phone and sell it yourself and pocket the money. That's exactly what we are going to do.  UNLESS Verizon changes their ways, pricing and unethical trade-in policy  they will lose customers.

Re: Verizon not Honoring Promotion

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