Verizon not honoring pricing confirmed in chat
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So I am sure this will not make a difference but wondering if anyone else has had this issue and hoping to prevent it from happening going forward.  Verizon has a deal going on right now for the Iphone 11 pro, $350 off with valid trade-in.  In the finer print it says something about having an appropriate unlimited plan.  To make sure I opened up a chat and have documented the agent confirming that I could get $350 of the $999.99 price with the trade in of an iphone x without changing my current plan at all.  Well picked up new phone and activated it.  Went to process the trade in and am only getting current market value.  Talked with Verizon and they said they made a mistake.  Here is the thing though the only way they will give it to me is if I upgrade to the premium unlimited plan, which ends up costing me more for a plan I don't need.  Very Very poor customer service and am extremely disappointed that they will not honor the price they assured me I would get (and remember i have documentation supporting it).  Final note that I experience through this process is their Chat stinks.  It disconnected me no less than 5 times and in most cases you have to start over.  If the wait times aren't crazy, call in as the Chat function is not reliable for something that takes more than a few minutes.

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Re: Verizon not honoring pricing confirmed in chat
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A rep can say the sky is purple, doesn't change anything. Whatever Verizon has written in terms is the only thing that matters.

Trade-in conditions apply. Up to $1449.99 device payment purchase per phone required. Above, Beyond, Do, Play or Get Unlimited required.

Verizon clearly states what you need to do in order to qualify for that promo. If you didn't meet the cost of the phone or plan criteria, there is nothing to honor.