Verizon not honoring the free 5G phone upgrade offer

Getting run around from online chat reps.

My daughter had a 4G iPhone. We still had several payments to go on it but she was eligible for an upgrade with turn in. So she went to the Verizon store and ordered the iPhone 13. When it arrived she turned in her phone to the store and picked up her new phone.

The refund for the payoff of old phone showed up the next month but there was a new $34/month device payment on the "free" iPhone 13. 

I contacted online support and was told it would be a couple of months for the discount to kick in. That I would be refunded for the device payments and a monthly discount would cover future payments 

3 months later I am still getting charged $34/month for the device. Online support keeps asking for proof the old device was turned in despite it clearly being discounted the first month. They know the device was returned, but keep giving me the run around. Asking for submission IDs and receipts from the Verizon store.


Very frustrating. I'm very close to switching carriers as I'm tired of Verizon's hidden fees, and their run around in this issue.

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Re: Verizon not honoring the free 5G phone upgrade offer

What do you mean by a refund for the pay off of the old phone?  In order to participate in the trade in promotion, you have to trade in a phone that you 100% own.  You can’t double dip by getting out of remaining installments, and get credits for trade in.  

if you were participating in the trade in to upgrade option it does not cover the full cost of the new phone as an existing customer.  The offer for new customers was a substantial credit.  The credit for existing customers was more like half price. In either case it is required to be on an unlimited data plan to participate in the promotion.  

Read your previous bills to see how many payments have been made on her phone. At any time does it show her phone being 100% paid off? 
Ask Verizon for the promotional terms at the time of purchase.