Verizon owes me approx $700+ in credit from June/July 2021
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Back on June/July 2021, I've upgraded my apple i-phone and Verizon store kept my phone.  I was given a letter that a $700+ credit would be applied to my account.  The credit was never issued.    When I've upgraded the phone, Verizon was switching systems.  All along I've trusted Verizon did the right thing until I saw my balance on the phone recently.  

I've called last week  to get this sorted out and was told credit was going to be issued.  The CS Rep that I've spoke, which by the way refused to give me her name, said that they found the information and a credit was going to be issued. since she found that no credit was ever issued.  Come on, I am no stupid, where is the letter of acknowledgement that it is going to be issued to my account? Why do I have to be the one chasing your company to issue the credit?  Why didn't the CS Rep sent a letter to me acknowledging fault on Verizon?  No where in the account does it show that a credit is pending manager's approval as CS Rep stated was happening.  

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Re: Verizon owes me approx $700+ in credit from June/July 2021
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This is very frustrating I understand and would like to get this reviewed further with you and have it corrected. Please send us a Private Note so we can assist you further.