Verizon ruined iPhone with faulty sim and no compensation

I was having trouble with my sim and contacted tech supervisor. They ran test and sent me to go to the store to get a replacement that is tech wizard said would resolve problem. 

apparently, the replacement was faulty and bricked the phone rendering it useless. Verizon said they would accept the ruined phone as trade in credit for a 13 pro max and receive 725 as credit (which I still owed on it). 5 months later, 28 requests since 2/22 for the same reason. 
In a nutshell they lied their way around me filled with credits discounts etc…. Only to find the record has vanished from my account history, no record of  the whole ordeal. In 5 months time I’ve pretty much been a Verizon employee trying to resolve it. I’m the Customer and shouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. Luckily I’ve been HEAVILY documenting everything from being placated, lied to, given conflicting stories etc i have a thick portfolio. A BBB meeting is imminent for I’m paying for a 13 at full market value, credit score has dropped, and that’s only a sliver of the harm/frustration they caused. Leafing through their Code of Conduct commitment towards their Customer base and stacking it up against that commitment shows a pretty damaging  negligence on their behalf. 

I’m positive they did dirty to countless others and am looking for what the outcome was for them. Make this right Verizon and honor your promises within the conduct code and within the contract  i was coaxed into signing.

Looking forward to a resolve and the community’s recommendations.  

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Re: Verizon ruined iPhone with faulty sim and no compensation
Customer Service Rep

Good morning. It seems like you have spoken to us before regarding your trade in. I would like to investigate the outcome of this situation and see if there is anything I can do to help. Please meet me in a private message.