Verizon's mistake resulting in an overcharge of $5,565 and no refund to me.

This letter is being translated to English since I only read and understand Mandarin.

Complaints against Verizon staff. Their mistake resulting in an overcharge of $5,565 and no refund to me.

First of all, I never authorize anyone to access my account.

Secondly, I required my 15-year-old son to call Verizon about usage of my phone. However, Verizon canceled my $15 world-together plan and I have no idea about it. As a result, I have to pay $5665 for 2 month data.

Third, I asked my friend for help and she called Verizon on 10th October when I received two statement dated from 25th July to 24th September. According to the call log, Verizon’s representative admitted that they made a mistake. They also agreed to refund me because they thought the charge is unfair. Besides, they’re so kind to canceled my auto payment option online and suggested me to pay correct amount when they adjust the bill. But, those offers were denied by a female executive.

Fourth, I am willing to pay $400 for my English barrier. I didn’t read message and I can not understand it.

Last, I insisted that Verizon should charge me based on my original plan and refund what they overcharged. I sincerely hope your executive group or any related department could put themselves in my shoes to resolve this problem for me. I am very grateful to the kindhearted people who offer me assistance.


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