Verizon said they can’t fix THREE phones I have bought in the course of 4 weeks. I am now talking to Apple.

verizon spent 16 hours across several months trying to solve why some messages did not reach others (when I thought they had!) they threw up their hands when the new 11 carried the same problem. Then verizon referred me to Apple. I just got off my third time with a Senior Analyst at Apple - 6 hours total and they cannot determine how its happening, across 3 different phones. What should I do next? Go to AT&T for a new phone, not programmed and not downloading any software from my messed up phone? Change the number and all. Doing all the tests they can do. That did not yield how/what to do.. Personally its hard enough but professionally, I am a doctor who deals with end of life care. IF A FAMILY HAS NO IDEA I TEXTED THEM TO MEET ME AT THE HOSPITAL, THEY FEEL BETRAYED AND DUSTED OFF. IT'S AWFUL. REALLY NEXT THOUGHTS ANYONE?

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