Verizon signal strength

I have been calling Verizon tech coach and customer service for the last three months about the signal strength. I live in a full 4GLTE coverage area but I struggle with a single bar signal that keeps fluctuating. I am tired of calling the customer support. They made me wipe my phone twice and start over. They made me use WiFi calling, but that does not work either. They kept telling me that a booster will be ordered but it's always on backorder and never ever gets shipped. They also said they will deploy network engineers to call me, no one called. I am a customer with Verizon for 10 years and I am so disappointed now. Today an associate made me wait on the line for more than an hour telling me that she is transferring me to an advanced support. Is anyone else experiencing such poor response from customer service.

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Re: Verizon signal strength
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Suggest you post this issue again on the "General" service forum.  Since I have the exact same problem I've found numerous posts about this but most are posted on the forum for the specific model of phone.  PERHAPS (though it's doubtful) if everyone with this problem posted there we MIGHT get some sort of credible response besides essentially ... So sorry to hear you've been having problems.  We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible. ... never an answer mind you, just garbage ... I'm seriously thinking of changing carriers myself ... been with them for over 12 yrs!😖

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