Verizon sold me a refurbished phone as new then accused ME of stealing?
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So three years ago now, I purchased an iPhone X directly from Verizon at the preorder for the release of the iPhoneX. I received my phone in the mail and everything seemed fine... Fast forward a year and a half, limited warranty has expired and I had removed the device protection plan from my verizon account because I planned to just keep the phone until it died... well the screen starts acting a little funny, so I think surely if its a mechanical issue they'll diagnose and replace the screen. Verizon wouldn't do anything they told me to go to the Apple store. When I get to Apple they tell me that they can take a look at it (keep in mind still fully functional phone) They come back later with the phone in pieces much to my surprise. They tell me that there is a third party screen in the phone... I had never had any repairs done or taken the phone to someone for service, nothing. Apple proceeded to tell me that they couldn't do anything unless I was willing to pay the out of warranty screen repair cost which came out to about 350$. Now I had brought them a functioning phone then they sent me out with a phone in two pieces which the screen did not work on at all. Long and short of it, Verizon sold me a refurbished iPhone X as if it were a brand new phone at the time of preorder. Everyone I talk to at Verizon denies it and says that its impossible, but the phone had a third party screen and I paid full price for it over the course of 2 years. 


I made a big stink in the Apple store, and they stood behind their product and gave me a new iPhone X. Come to find out 9 months later when I go to upgrade that that phone they gave me at the apple store was an "Out of Warranty phone." 

So I go to try to upgrade because I've had so many problems with this phone that I'm over it. I walk into the store with my iPhone X fully wiped and restored so as to be prepared for a trade in, I have my sim in a temp phone so that I can still make calls. When we get to the trade in process this man tries to tell me that in Verizon's system the phone is showing that it is on a "Lost or Stolen List" and will provide me with no trade in credit. LOST OF STOLEN?! Needless to say the phone had never been neither lost nor stolen since I had gotten it replaced at the Apple store 9 months prior. The sales associate calls his boss, he calls his boss, they call a bunch of technical support people, and no one on the other end of the call sees, nor acknowledges that there is a hold on the trade-in phone for it being lost or stolen. So I get my hopes up... The associate sets up a telesales phone sale where the man processes my trade in and issues an order for the iPhone 11... the one that the associate is holding in his hand in front of me... then we wait.... and wait... Now the phone had been paid for, I had the receipt in my email and verified that the transaction had cleared with my bank... but they would not give me the phone. I had to leave and come back the following day as the phone "would not release from our system" so here I am having paid for the phone, it shows up on my verizon account shows me the sim number, the serial number, but I do not have that phone... 

I called around customer service, technical support, fraud monitoring... everyone I could possibly talk to, and don't get me started on the "Digital Assistant" who can supposedly make all of your problems go away.... that stupid thing takes 5 tries to get you connected to an actual person to sort out this mess. At the end of the day a guy tells me that the phone will definitely be released from the store's system after 24 hours, so I go back... and the phone is not "released" again he calls people and everyone says theres no reason for it not to be released... but again I leave the store without the phone that I have paid for... the new plan, he says is to cancel the original order and try to process the order again. Mind you, we still are unable to process the order in store because he will not let me trade in the phone since it is "lost or stolen" so he is setting up a telesales call for today to see if they can help me out. At this point I may very well just give up and switch to ATT or Sprint to take advantage of some of these awesome iPhone deals for new customers who port their number in. 


This is maybe the worst customer experience I have ever had with a company. 

How is it too that if you are a new customer they will give you 850$ off of a new phone, but if you are an existing and loyal customer you get only 350$? Just another side note as to how trash their commitment to their customers is. 

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