Verizon spending limit

Okay so a few days ago I found out that I reached my spending limit with Verizon.( Had no clue there was even a spending limit. ) anyways , I wanted to upgrade to the 12 pro max but was given to options either 1) pay off my device or 2) give a down payment. I don’t have much left to pay on my current phone so I’ll be going with that route instead my question will I for sure be able to upgrade once I pay off my device ? I’ve seen a few horror stories on here where Verizon still doesn’t allow their customers to upgrade. Anyone have any luck yet? I don’t want to pay my phone off if they still don’t let me upgrade even though paying off my device was one of the options given to me 

Re: Verizon spending limit
Customer Service Rep

Getting a new phone is exciting and we want to ensure this is a good experience for you, Lp0894. If a down payment is required, we would check your spending limit once your current device is paid off. This will let you know if any further down payment is needed. Until that time, we would not be able to advise if a down payment is required.