Verizon stole my 12 year old sons phone
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My 12 year old son had a iPhone SE that he wanted to upgrade and we were with Sprint.  Went to Verizon and they offered us $700 per phone if we traded them in.  We put the phones in boxes together and shipped them off to Verizon with their labels.  All labels are showing as received in Ft Worth but they will not give my son his credit.  Over the last four months, I have spent countless hours on the phone with agents and online through chat.  Each time, I have been told that they have my son's phone and the credit will apply the next month.  Today, the "supervisor" I talked with said that they did get my phone, but can't find it now so I can't get the credit.  I asked her what I can do to get the credit and she said "nothing".  

So Verizon, thank you for stealing my son's phone and letting me know the week before Christmas.  If as a multi-billion dollar company you need a 12 year old's iPhone SE to make it, you can have it.  You have taught my son a better lesson about lack of integrity and not doing what is right than I ever could.


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