Verizon support refuses to help me return phone to owner
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Bought a used phone on eBay.  Appeared to be the original owner with a low, 100% feedback.

Get the phone and it's blacklisted by Verizon.

All the geek tech howto websites say to contact support, give the IMEI, give your contact info and wait for the owner to call to get the phone back.

Verizon support refuses to record the IMEI, transfer me to fraud dept, they tell me to take it to a corporate store for ecycling.  They refuse to aid in returning the phone to the owner.

I've had my phone stolen before. 
I know how it feels to have my phone out there being used and not blacklisted (because the police botched the report and refused to blacklist for me).

I am following standard protocol.

Why isn't Verizon?