Verizon will not accept my Verizon Sim purchased phone

Just emailed myself a transcript of a chat that I had with a sales rep today. 

I have never written a post before, but I am kinda shocked. 

Verizon has had problems activating iphones and refers to Apple as a "Third Party Retailer". Which is kinda odd, because I believe Verizon would be a third party retailer (none the less).

I do not know if this is a sales tactic or what but if it is I am not impressed. It kinda made me a little upset because Apple is selling the XR at 19.99/mo and giving me $200 in a trade in credit and I wrote Verizon because I have trusted Verizon in the past with upgrading my phones. 

Furthermore, I recently went into a Verizon official store to hand in my Veteran ID for a military discount and to check out the phones and the store manager had the audacity to ask me if it was really me on the ID. He could have asked for an ID if he did not believe that a women that was in the military during 9/11 could possibly be a veteran. News Flash - women and men can start to serve at 17 years of age and in some cases (mine) spend an 18th birthay in bootcamp. 

Do better Verizon!


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Re: Verizon will not accept my Verizon Sim purchased phone
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for your service to this great country, seamugg. We are sorry to hear about your store visit, as it should always be world-class, especially for a Veteran. Did you already purchase the iPhone from Apple? Please tell us more, so we can better assist. JoeyM_VZW