Verizon will not successfully unlock my two year old iphone 11

My iphone 11 is locked as shown on the phone itself in settings.  Verison says it is unlocked and Apple says its unlocked but the phone itself remains locked.  We have tried another carriers sim card but it reports its locked to Verizon.  Many calls to Verizon and Apple all report that their data base says the IMEI for the phone reports it is unlocked.  The phone itself says in settings/about  it is LOCKED.  When  Spectrum tried the phone would not recognize a new sim card and said it was locked.

The phone has been through a "full reset" and reload from apple without any success.  The phone is still LOCKED.   All the agents from Verizon say they don't know what they can do.   The phone was purchased outright and there are no outstanding bills on the phone or account.   Verizon says it should have been unlocked over a year ago.  It is still LOCKED!!!

Verizon is not helping in this situation.   They are in control of my phone and I am a slave to their system.  No one in Verizon will help me resolve this.  

Just give me a clean phone without your lock...................

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Verizon will not successfully unlock my two year old iphone 11
Customer Service Rep

We certainly want to help. If our system, as well as Apple's is showing that the device is unlocked, then the phone is unlocked from our system. It is always a possibility that a phone manufactured to work on our network isn't compatible with another carriers service. Can you please share a screenshot of where your phone is still showing locked?