Verizon won't give me the agreed-upon $650 trade-in

About a week ago I spoke with a Verizon rep and requested an early upgrade, which I was granted. I was told I would get a trade in of $650 for my 6s 128GB space gray. I received my IPhone 7 today, activated it, made sure it appeared on my account (as instructed) then went through the trade-in online process and it still says I will get only $296, not the agreed-upon $650.

I called a couple of times since and was told that the rep and manager that agreed to the $650 trade-in were mistaken, and I cannot get it. Don't they have to honor the agreement they made with me? How can they simply say they were wrong and back out of our deal?

I am not being treated fairly, and need to get this straightened out so that I can get the promised trade in value of $650.

Can someone out there help me?

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Re: Verizon won't give me the agreed-upon $650 trade-in
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You have three options, keep,fighting it, take them to court or do what I may end up doing, drop them all together. They give nothing and don't care. No more mister nice from me.