Very Poor customer service
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Really Bad customer service. 

We've started family plan with 5 lines during Trade in promotion in June 2021. Out of 5 line 3 lines did trade in. It's been two month since and haven't received any status or credit for traded phones. 

I've traded my Iphone X on June 30 and to date no words from Verizon on status, try contacting customer service via online chat, but no answer from them and they gave one contact number to call in Verizon. I started calling that number and no one answered after waited so long!

I transferred from T-Mobile to get better service experience, but regretfully saying it's worst customer service experience that I'm facing with Verizon. 


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Re: Very Poor customer service
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So you've never actually spoke to someone and are saying the CS is bad because of that? This is like waiting in line at a restaurant and giving them a 1 star on Yelp without even trying the food. 

Re: Very Poor customer service
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Parth, I would like to welcome you to Verizon Wireless! I want our relationship to start out on the right foot. I never want you to regret coming over to us. Let me turn this around. I can understand your need to know what is happening with your trade-in of the devices.


I would like to look closer into this for you. Please send us a Private Message so that we can protect the integrity of the account. 


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