Very frustrated with Verizon lack of phone pricing deals for existing Verizon customers
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Being a Verizon customer for more than 15 years and, having 6 lines (all out of contract), I am upset and frustrated with Verizon’s pricing policy for existing customers. Verizon advertised discounted pricing on their website for the iPhone 11 Pro, but when I got to the end of the order process, it silently bumped the monthly cost back to full price (I’m assuming because I am an existing customer). Even more deceiving was that the difference between the “Current bill” and “Est. new bill” amounts at the top of the page indicate the discount pricing. It’s only when I looked through the pricing detail below that it became obvious that the pricing I was about to commit to was FULL price and NOT the discount pricing.

I need to upgrade 4 of our phones. Since we are out of contract with Verizon (pay month to month), I am seriously considering going to a different carrier for my family.

I am very frustrated and disappointed in how Verizon treats their existing, paying customers!! ☹

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