Verzion terrible
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Never ever I experienced what I am experiencing with Verizon.

1) I switched to Verizon because I was told it has has a better coverage. I personally didn’t notice any improvement no matter where I was. The manager at the shop told me we’ll get 150$ back for each line, we never got anything. Again I was told it works in Turkey and it doesn’t work. While my son was in Turkey his phone number was changed, without us asking for it. We just said this number is not working in Turkey. The next thing his number was changed !! 
We tried to call the customer service and after an hour wait 1 hour each time we gave up. We tried the live chat, which is not live by the way, It’s called live but it’s like emailing kind of thing. So one agent apparently is taking care of several customers at the same time. You write your issue 5 minutes later, you have hello how may I help you ? So you write again then no answer the agent is gone, then you wait and wait and wait 15 minutes later hello how can I help you 😤😤 thre whole thing makes you nuts. So for 3 days you try and try no result. You are just turning on a circle. Also you loose your nerves because they answers are completely nonsense or stupid or useless. We gave up and went to the shop ! The person in the shop told us please call the customer service 🤬we cannot help. We asked about this promotional rebate we have never received and he asked if we applied for it ?!! No, nobody told us we should apply for it. Yes you should have appled for it, It’s not automatic he said. Then he checked oops you cannot apply anymore, the deadline is over 😳😳

2) so here we are with verizon, no service for my son in Turkey,  but we were charged for it, no promotional rebate as promised and nobody to talk to for support.

3) at this stage you feel helpless, we came home tried again calling, didn’t work, so we tried chatting again. We could actually somehow chat even so it’s not really live after 2 hours of chatting, because after each sentence you need to wait 10 to 30 min, we were so frustrated and angry that we said. Okay cancel our account we don’t want to work with you anymore and send us a confirmation of cancellation. The next thing my son, who is in Turkey and has no service, had his number changed !!! Then we received a message asking us to confirm our request of number change. We never had such a request!!! 

4) so here we are with a new number we never asked for, we tried to call the customer service, impossible to reach anyone except the automated voice answering machine😤 so we try to live chat again, the answering agent first said that the number was not changed, then he gave us the phone numbers on file and we said but this not the old number, it’s changed and we don’t want any change. He answered well we cannot do anything, it’s changed!!! But why am I asked for confirmation of request of change if you already changed it and it cannot be reversed to the old number??!! 🥵😡😡😡

5) as we didn’t confirmed the request for change my son has now service but he can’t use this new number. And he doesn’t want his number to be changed anyway.

After 4 days of loosing our nerves and our time and money, we achieved zero, nothing solved, and we are helpless and angry and frustrated. 

Verizon terrible big time. I want to get out of this even this is very complicated. If you continue like this Verizon you will fail big time. 
Right now as a whole family we are just very very angry 😤 

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Re: Verzion terrible
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This isn't the experience we want for anyone to have. Changing phone numbers and not getting a promotion is not the way we want our relationship to start. As this is a community forum, our team will send you a Private Note so that we can get into your account and see if we can figure this all out. Please watch for that.