Voicemail doesn’t work

My voicemail does not work at all.. I have spent hours trying to get it straightened out with Verizon.. all people hear when they try to leave a message is “welcome to the message management system please enter your mailbox number.” I have tried all the troubleshooting steps. I used to be with spectrum mobile and voicemail worked fine, as soon as my number was ported over to Verizon, voicemail would not work whatsoever.. I’m at a loss to get it to work and honestly considering switching to another carrier to get voicemail that works. Not to mention the service in my area, western North Carolina, is constantly getting worse… I pay a LOT of money for service that does not work like it’s supposed to.

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Re: Voicemail doesn’t work
Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon, Eag1esEye! We are concerned to hear your voicemail is not working accordingly, and we would love the opportunity to help you! Can you please elaborate more? When did you port your number in? Has this issue occured since the port?