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Hello everyone,

Really hoping someone can help! I've spent the last 2 days calling tech support and nobody at Verizon can resolve this and the stores are closed right now...


1) In voicemail greetings it won't allow the Custom choice to be saved, even if I move the checkmark next to it. No matter what when someone calls the Default message is played.

2) Bigger issue. The default recording as of recently says "Welcome to AT&T voicemail, we need more information about the person you're trying to reach.."...  Why is it AT&T? and when I used my wife phone to call me, I even dialed my 10 digit phone # it asks for and says that number doesn't work (paraphrasing).  This needs to be fixed ASAP because I'm on furlough from my job and customers need to hear my custom setting, and even if it was the default it needs to at least allow them to leave a message. 

PS - yes I used to have AT&T but it was over a year ago when I switched to Verizon and this recently happened. The only changes I made to my phone is downloading "Robokiller" which makes sense if that caused an issue. However I disabled all the settings of Robokiller and deactivated it and this issue is still happening.

Please help and thank you!

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Re: Voicemail tech HELP - default message
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us here. Having issues with your voicemail service would be a concern for me as well. I am sure we will be able to figure this out together. Also, with regard to the devcie showing the welcome to AT&T message during your voicemail recording as a default we would also like to look into that as well. To clarify, was this device originally an AT&T device? Other than removing the previous application has there been any recent updates on your phone at all prior to this occuring?  JasperM_VZW