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Upset is an understatement.   Wednesday afternoon, my phone was acting up so I called customer service.  The customer service rep was very nice over the phone and quickly realized she could not help me and transferred me to a technical representative.  After a bit of trying over the phone (a good hour had passed) and the rep also realized he, too, could not help me and stated my phone is covered under warranty and will ship a new one.  He paused and then stated that he's not going to send a phone out and I should go to a Verizon store to have a tech from the store look at it. Thursday came, I used my vacation time for work and set out to Verizon.  The tech at Verizon spent another 1 1/2 hours looking at the phone trying to fix it, changed sim card etc.   He then said he could not fix it and to call the "Loyalty Team".  So, I did.  I called the loyalty team, she, too, tried to figure out what was wrong and was stumped.  It was now pushing 3:00, still no phone was fixed or ordered.  I said I need a phone for my job on Sunday.  The rep said there would be an extra fee for next day delivery.  I gladly paid the extra fee.  The rep could not get the transaction to go through, saying she needed another "tier" authorization.  I was TRANSFERRED AGAIN.  Now, the heavy-breathing customer service women on the other end of the phone tried to figure out what was going on with my phone.  No notes were given to her and my story started all over again.  Finally, around 3:30, the transaction went through and was told I would have my phone by lunch time the next day.   That did not happen.  I gave them until Saturday morning and made the dreaded call to the "loyalty team" customer service, sigh.   The customer service response I received on Saturday morning is what sent me over the edge, "you won't be getting your phone until 8pm Monday because you ordered too late on Thursday".    He then transferred me to a sup and the sup tried to make everything ok by offering a free accessory.     The bottom line.:  Customer service was polite, however, the sequence of solving a problem is a "problem".  Why send your valued customer (never late on payments, spending $400 per month for a family of 4) on a wild goose chase?  I'm left with the feeling that they didn't believe me and that my phone just crapped out.  I believe, after what I went through, that not one customer service rep wanted to push that button to order me a new phone under warranty.  I believe they thought I damaged the phone and I was at fault.  It doesn't matter how "nice" you are on the phone.  I have spent hours trying to rectify a problem that should have been taken care of days ago.  This is a disgrace and I will be leaving.   Colleen Friedman  

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Seems to be how they operate they use delay tactics and ends up being a broken record as you repeat over to next person

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There is no "loyalty team". Customer service isn't authorized to order warranty phones, that's tech.

If your phone was acting up and it's under 2 weeks old, you exchange for a new one. If it's older, but under warranty, that's tier 2 tech. If it's not covered at all, you either 3rd party repair or buy a new phone. I don't understand how any of that is difficult.