WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT LIES from "customer service"
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Looking at forums and talking to others I see I am not the only one that Verizon has lied to.  I am quoted a rate and then had to spend hours with "Supervisors" who never honored their promises and refuse to communicate in writing.  I left a message with their corp office 212-395-1000.  I can't find any email addresses to Execs that should hear about the terrible dishonest service being provided.  Can someone send me the direct phone and email of Hans Vestberg?  For huge communication company they are not transparent at all.  The competition will eventually get them to pay attention to this weakness. 

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Re: WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT LIES from "customer service"
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Boy, if you think any other player on the Telecom industry is any different I have a surprise for you.

From plans to phone promos, Verizon puts everything out in the open for all to see it. Problems are more with sales reps.