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Wait or get 4S?

So I have been anxiously awaiting my chance to upgrade (6/3!) since I absolutely detest my LG Ally (this was before Verizon got iPhone). It shuts off, the screen has never been responsive, it hangs, randomly has no space left even if nothing is running, and now it's screen is cracked. I curse at it often.

I want to get an iPhone, but now in a dilemma... with Apple not telling people when the 5 will come out- do I wait it out and hope it's June or just get the 4S? I cannot wait until September or October with my current phone. My sister overheard sales reps telling people it was likely June, but do I chance it?

When will they come out with the release date?!

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Re: Wait or get 4S?
Master - Level 1

When will Apple come out with a release date?  Most likely 1-2 weeks before the actual release. 

My best guess (as good as anyone else's) is that the iPhone 5 will be released September 27, 2012.  Based on your need as you explained it, I would buy now.

Good luck.

Re: Wait or get 4S?
Specialist - Level 2

If you have unlimited data do it now i would say. If you don't you might not be allowed to upgrade without loosing it unless you want to pay full retail. I love mine .

Re: Wait or get 4S?

ditto gina7239. upgrade now and keep your unlimited data plan. by the time the next iphone launches, verizon will have changed the plans and you will have to choose a new one (or pay full retail for the iphone and stay out of contract). if the next iphone is that much improved, you can always sell your 4s and pay the difference to buy the newer one. also, do you live in a 4g area? i'm not up on the iphone, but i "think" the most significant improvement will be that the next one is LTE/4g capable. unless you live in a 4g area, this won't matter.