Warning about returning a phone for Warranty

I recently ran into some issues on my iPhone 4s.  I love my 4s, have only had one other problem with it before this.  My "cellular data" could not be activated.  I spent HOURS on the phone with customer support, who could not fix the problem, and referred me to the Apple store.  Apple said my phone was working fine, it was a network issue with verizon and sent me back to verizon.  After several more hours spent on the phone between restoring it and talking with technical support and my local Verizon store no one could seem to find out what was causing me to have no data service.  My phone was out of warranty, but because of special circumstances they allowed me to exchange my phone.  The second phone had the exact same problem.  Another several hours spent with technical support, they finally found that the settings within my Verizon account were not functioning and had to be reset on verizon's side.  Once this was done the phone started working.  I asked the technical support guy if I should send back the replacement phone or my original phone, and was told that it didn't matter as long as they received a phone back, but just incase it was an error with my phone, we determined that I should send back the old phone.  Yesterday I got my bill.  I was billed $299 for a "damaged" phone that I returned.  They told me that it had water damage because a green dot (corrosion) could be seen in the charging port.  The phone was fully functioning (I even had it in a waterproof Lifeproof case) when I was using it and had no idea that this could be a problem (however technical support told me it is very common).  So In the end I feel like my phone was stolen since Verizon gets to keep my old phone and charge me for the full retail price of a new one (even though I received a refurbished one).  If I'm going to be billed that amount I should be able to keep my old phone.  I even offered to send back my current phone so I wouldn't be charged the $299 so I could put the $299 towards a newer phone of my choice, this apparently is not an option.  Over all I feel that this whole problem originated from a problem on Verizon's network within my account, but I'm the one paying for it in the end. 

-Sincerely -now very unhappy- Verizon customer of 13 years.

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Re: Warning about returning a phone for Warranty
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sorry to hear about your problems, and the shady way you were treated.

Interestingly, Verizon has not responded yet.

spread the word via social media, embarrass them.  Even better cost them money. See if you can file a complaint with the FCC, or through your state body. it's time to start regulating these too large companies.

good luck.

Re: Warning about returning a phone for Warranty
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The problem here is not that Verizon will respond, but will respond with the customer thinking it is their responsibility to either get the device back to them when they are using Verizon's Return to Vendor Program which rests the delivery between Verizon and the return vendor. Don't ever fall for that we have charged your account for the loss etc. It is not your fault, in that case you take them to small claims court. Verizon will remove the bogus charges.

On the photo that is given to the customer via email, same thing applies that any photo can be used to show that water damage or breakage. The damage could have been done at the shippers handling or could have been done at even Verizon's warehouse.

Again you take Verizon to court and challenge the photos, challenge any claims of damage you tell the judge the device was OK in your possession and you would not trust a photo not authenticated by you. Having Verizon swear 3-4 people witness the photo is no good. Have the machine questioned for proper functionality. Just like you challenge a radar sweep to nail you for speeding.

Take Verizon to COURT.

Good Luck