Warning on Free 6 Month Apple Music Deal

Hello, wanted to share some info I discovered today.

I switched to Verizon about 7 months ago and have been happy with the change. As part of that me and the two kids got new phones and signed up for the low end unlimited plans. That included a free 6 month sub to Apple Music. Activating it was pretty easy and it worked well (and saved us the $15 / month family fee we'd been paying).

Fast forward to today when I noticed my monthly bill notice was about $30 higher than I'd expected. I checked it out and found that each of our three lines were now subscribed to individual plans for Apple Music, at $10 per line. So double the cost of the family plan from Apple directly.

Good news, you can easily opt-out of the music sub on the Verizone website (just search for "cancel Apple Music").

I'm sure in the terms and conditions there was some warning about the handling of the conversion from free to paid, but this was a little surprising in the way it was handled. If they have just converted us to a family apple music plan then we'd have been in a neutral spot, but going to the three single accounts doubled our cost needlessly. Would love to see this fixed.

In the mean time I cancelled the single plans and will re-up directly with Apple.



Re: Warning on Free 6 Month Apple Music Deal
Customer Service Rep

We can certainly assist with any questions you have for us regarding this promotion. Since this offer is for each line, it is billed as a per line charge. This means when the promotion ends, you will be charged per line.