Weak signal in Issaquah WA
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Cell service in 98029 area of Issaquah is only two bars for last several days. People cannot hear me when we are on the phone. This is the case in my home and on the street. Also similar for about .5 to .75 miles away. But a mile away up at Issaquah Highlands, the signal is fine. What is the best way to get high quality service restored?

Re: Weak signal in Issaquah WA
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Not sure of best way I been trying for several months I get down to one bar was told four weeks ago a schedule tech visit would happen i.e they actually go to the tower hasn't happened yet just get excuses

Re: Weak signal in Issaquah WA
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Plateauguy, we always want to help make sure that you can get the help you need no matter what. So we can help work on this with you, please send us a Private Note.