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Used to have pretty good signal at home and now service is all over the place. I can open my phone and sit in the exact same spot over a 30 min period and I’ll start with having one bar which requires me to switch to WiFi (not that it helps on calls) and over the coarse of 30 min it’ll change from one to three, down to two, back to one, etc... what are my options for having a more stable signal at home?? Also if I go to a friends house about 150 yards from me, no signal whatsoever. Please help, 85142 area 

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Thank you for being a loyal customer and giving us the opportunity to help. Many factors outside of Verizon’s control can contribute to indoor performance even in cases where you may have had service in the past, pmcg312. 

To assist you with having a more consistent indoor voice experience we have a number of technology solutions available to you

Ensure HD Voice has been enabled



Activate Wi-Fi Calling if you have a capable device.



Common causes of signal related change may include:

  • Interference
  • In-building issues
  • Foliage
  • Construction
  • Population changes
  • Cell site changes (e.g., tower relocation, antenna alignment, power adjustment, etc.)

Are you able to check to see if your device can enable Wi-Fi Calling to help with calls at home. This helps when you are in an area that has marginal coverage.