What does it mean when the "Origination" of a call is listed as "Landline"
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What does it mean if my bill shows that I made an outgoing call from "(local town) Landline"? I don't own a landline, why would it show up on my bill like that?  

For some backstory: There were 4 international phone calls 'made' from my number at 6:30 in the morning which, while I would enjoy having the kind of life that involved 20 minute conversations with someone from the UK during my morning commutes, I did not make.  I have already resolved the bill, but would like greater clarity on how to read my bill because customer service was not clear.


Re: What does it mean when the "Origination" of a call is listed as "Landline"
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Hello, lyndam411. It is important to have a clear understanding of your bill and any charges you may have. To clarify, you had international calls that you were billed that you did not place? Were these the calls that reflected landline? Has this been discussed and corrected?