What is the deal with the increased data usage when we got a new Xs & Xr phones

Since we got a new Xs for my son and a new Xr for my daughter, the data usage has skyrocketed and they aren't using it for anything more than what they did before. over the last 2 months we have started going over our data AFTER we purchased these 2 new phones. This month both phones have used 7gb each with 12 days left in our month.


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Sounds like you have WiFi assist turned on. The first thing any iPhone user should do is go and turn this off.

settings > cellular > WiFi Assist

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It's so important to know about the usage on your account. I regret to learn of any confusion, and I'm eager to assist. Please allow me to explain that we have a Data Utilization Tool for our customers. The Data Utilization tool uses 12 categories to show a visual estimation of how your devices use data on the Verizon network. In addition, the categories are intended to provide a general understanding of how your devices are using data. Check out the details in the following link. Just click the link, then scroll to number 1 under the section marked "Troubleshooting and Data Management:" http://spr.ly/6603Egzhl


Additionally, I want to let you know about Smart Family,which is a service that gives you parental controls to help manage your kids' smartphone use. It's a great feature and it allows you to:

  • View call and text activity
  • Set time restrictions on texts, calls and data usage
  • Set data limits
  • Set text, call and purchase limits
  • Get access to the device's network location
  • Set content filters
  • Pause internet access
  • Set time restrictions on Wi-Fi usage
  • Locate family members and set location alerts with the best location accuracy 

Just click this link to see the information about Smart Family: http://spr.ly/6604Egzhm