What’s on our first bill is not what we were told at the Verizon store

We are new Verizon customers after being with different services for several years. We went to the Verizon store in Solon Ohio. We were told we would be buying one iPhone and getting one free.

At the time they also offered a promotion to get a “free” Apple Watch by paying for it and then getting a prepaid gift card for the price of the watch. We were also offered a “free” pair of beats pro earbuds through the same promotion.  

We inquired as to whether or not the watch would be self-sufficient and were told yes, it was just the watch we were getting. We bought it as a gift for our daughter and were  told that she would just use the Bluetooth to sync the watch to her phone.

We just received our first bill and there is a charge and a phone number associated with the watch including an activation fee and a monthly charge of $10.  Additionally, we are being charged for both phones monthly.

I think that because the total of the charges for both phones is about the cost of one phone that this is where the “buy one get one free” comes in . But we still can’t figure out why we are being charged a monthly fee for the Apple Watch and it has a number attached to it after we were told this would not be the case. Additionally , there is NO mention of the Beats earbuds anywhere on the bill.

We called customer service and spoke to three or four different individuals in different countries who kept passing us off to other people who were unable to help us. At this point, we are very frustrated and are considering simply going back to the store and paying the full price for the phones and canceling our contract to go somewhere else. When  we went back to the store the first time, the sales person that we spoke to said “oh, I’m not surprised this happened”  when we told them who are initial sales person was. That person is no longer there.   The store was unhelpful and told us to call customer service.

This is all very frustrating and Verizon has, up to this point, but completely unhelpful in resolving the issue. 

Re: What’s on our first bill is not what we were told at the Verizon store
Customer Service Rep


Hi. How are you today? We would be happy to assist you with your concern. Please private message us for further assistance.    *Mabell