Where is my iPhone Plus that I ordered

Every time I check on where my new iPhone Plus is all I get is "Order Is In Process Check Back Later"  Why doesn't it tell me if it's in China, or wherever? I need my new phone and it appears that all I'm getting is a run around from Apple

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Re: Where is my iPhone Plus that I ordered
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What was the expected ship date when you ordered. Want not need.

Re: Where is my iPhone Plus that I ordered
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your in the same boat as the rest of us.  We are all waiting on our phones that we ordered.  You just have to be patient.

I pre-ordered my iphone 7+ matte black 128GB on 9/10 with an original ship date of 10/12.  The good news is the orders appear to be shipping a little sooner than expected as my CC was just charged last night.  From reading other posts, I'm expecting shipping info within the next 2 days and my phone most likely will be here by the end of the week.  Will be here probably about a week early.

Depending on what you ordered style, color, storage size will all factor into when your phone gets delivered.  If your original ship date is way out, I suggest you keep an eye on the inventory at your local apple store or best buy stores as I have seen some of those are stocking phones that you can go in and pick up.  Unfortunately for me they did not have the phone that I wanted so I just had to patiently wait for mine.