Where to post feedback & service changes

Ive been a Verizon user since 2008 (ish - transferred from my parents) really enjoy the service good internet and few other things

but there were some changes with service that really is making hard to modify plan and have control of a plan fro, before


1) I use to be able to close a line in person or update a line (like tablet or watch) and use it to create a line. Now all of this i have to call corporate, which takes forever and waste my time at times because sometimes its a simple solution or quick fix but to get to it theres alot of run arounds (my day has to stop to do this)

2) been building device dollars for most of the year to purchase a Oculus for my nephew and we were able to use the device dollars… but then it was changed - after/approaching Christmas - find out we couldnt use our device dollar to do that anymore only phone lines (but thats not what i need or planmed for it amd the changes were made without it being told to the customers - like myself (no say 😢)


3) insuramce the same way, we couldnt do it in store anymore, everything making the call…. 😖


i think if they gave more ability for Verizon workers to do most of this, (opening closing lines, insurance help, etc) it would allow more flexibility to customers because we would avoid 20min - 40min - 120min calls

really wish local verizon store can do that

also if Verizon had a feedback for customers when making changes in plan - weould be leaps and bounds of help

note: been on a call for over an hour still/currently trying to resolve this

Re: Where to post feedback & service changes
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for providing us with this feedback. It is always our intention to assist in any way that we can, and we are always open to using customer feedback as a driver for future improvements. In the meantime, we recommend using online services for a faster process. You can reach us directly by leaving us a Private Note here, or by reaching out to us online @VZWSupport on Twitter or Facebook. You can file claims for your insurance online as well at www.Phoneclaim.com/Verizon. If there is any additional information that we can look into for you at this time, please let us know. We are available for you around the clock.