Why Verizon Why?!?!

This is the story of a company that makes a mistake and takes not days, not weeks but months to correct the mistake and still does not do it properly.  

I moved from AT&T to Verizon thinking it would offer me better services that AT&T. Worst mistake. In January 2022, my wife and I switched to new Iphone 13 (standard) phones and turned in our old phones. Verizon had come up with this offer and my wife and I thought to take them up on this offer. So we exchanged are phones and the problems started then. According to the contract, the exchange was supposed to be free and we were not supposed to be charged a single penny for it, but obviously when does Verizon do anything right? Since I had moved from AT&T to Verizon and was trying to get into my wife's family plan, suddenly Verizon decides to bill me for the new phone. My wife who was already with Verizon starts getting billed as well for no reason. When I reach out to the salesperson at Verizon, Christiana Mall, DE, where we got our new phones from, he says that it was their mistake and that they would fix it quickly. Little I knew quickly meant snails pace.  It took them six months to credit me for my phone and till then I was paying my phone service bill and also for the device. Finally after months of back and forth I was able to get my refund. Oh and yeah they don't respond to your emails for weeks unless you tell them that you will write on social media about this issue. Now my wife's turn. It has been close to a year that I have been asking/begging to credit the amount. Finally, the Managing Partner of Verizon refunds most of the amount, but still hangs on to $193. He is hanging onto the $193 because he has connected it to the compensation amount I have sought for the mental and physical harassment I have faced for their mistake. He says that I will only get the amount once the compensation amount is approved. My argument is that the $193 is undeniably the amount that needs to be credited and does not need approval. Even otherwise it should not take months to approve a compensation amount where evidently Verizon employees accepted their mistake. And in addition my emails are ignored. There has been no response to my last email for close to three weeks now. I am extremely unhappy with the situation. It has been several months to this issue and I have no end in sight when this will be over.

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