Why can't a tech company like Verizon allow access to historical statements online?

Yes, I know that Verizon customers only have access to the past 18 months' worth of billing statements online. I also know that I can call Verizon and request historical billing reprints at $5 per billing statement reprint. I was also told by various Verizon customer reps and a supervisor that untrackable snail mail is the only way to access these historical billing statements, which could take up to two weeks to receive. 

I need access to my own billing records, regardless of the reason, so I agreed to the $5 print charge per bill for a little over 5 years of historical statements (64 statements = $320 charge!). 4-weeks later (two weeks more than the two weeks communicated) I still don't have those historical records in hand. After 6 calls to customer service center + 1 call with a Supervisor (6 hours on the phone at least), all I can get is another attempt at reprinting the bills and getting them sent to me through an untrackable USPS mail, and cross my fingers, they actually do get printed and stuffed into an envelope and sent to USPS, and that I actually get them within two MORE weeks. No exceptions to get them emailed. No exceptions to getting them burned on a disk or flash drive and overnighted to me. For $360 no exceptions. Wait, just one exception for my trouble, they're knocking off $60 off of the cost of the reprint. So I guess there's that. For $300 no exceptions. I just have to cross my fingers and wait. I'm not going to blame the postal service, my issue is with Verizon, a supposed innovative tech giant with 5G capabilities, who, unlike my bank that lets me access years and years and years of my account history online, can't for $300 email me my OWN information. 

Verizon needs to rethink its historical information access to be more than 18-months. Or at the very least, get with the times, and allow customers who agree to pay a ridiculous amount of money for information about their own account, to get access to historical account information digitally and efficiently. 

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Re: Why can't a tech company like Verizon allow access to historical statements online?
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Next time you should download the PDF copy of the bills every month or every couple of months to your computer or a cloud storage you control. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.