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I am about to go insane. I have been talking to Verizon for better part of almost THREE MONTHS now. They will not take responsibility nor answer any questions. It’s almost a full time job it feels like with the hours I have put in attempting to get anywhere with Verizon. Let me attempt to list ALL the issues I have going on which just keep getting worse and worse. Probably get an employee whose more capable every 1/10 calls I make to them. I’ve had numerous escalation team and supervisors whom were supposed to call me back and I have NOT ONCE received call backs. 

-unauthorized use of my account that I cannot view however my address, passwords, pin, and line have all been changed. 
-phone calls and text messages I did not make.

INSANE amounts of data being consumed which I have never been anywhere near close to, when I was actually using social media apps (have not been during increased data consumption. (NorMolly averaged around 2 or less GB per month. Last cycle it says around 20GB but the employees have said “well you have unlimited…..” 
INSANELY slow speeds. Uploading ~2-3 mbps and downloading somewhere around 700 …. NEVER had these issues whatsoever even when throttled at busy times of day. 

-tons of websites don’t work and will say “page not found” or apps will time out trying to load. 

got new SIM card, 24 hours later get a prompt on my iPhone pro max 12 saying “last line used” NO clue why. Verizon reps have no idea why this could be the case (even though they have a share line feature……..)


feels as if someone else has access to my phone number and are using it to get a free plan for themselves. Has Verizon DONE A THING? No. NOTHING. just wasted my time. 

-bank account was cleared using MY NUMBER according to the bank but Verizon hasn’t addressed that. Let alone even given me a call back. 

-lost all cell service at home in past where I cannot even use the customer support to contact them. When my passwords and/or PIN has been remotely changed somehow someway doesn’t seem to effect the reps concern.

-there is NOT any record of a secondary number being used on my account, so every rep says it’s probBly nothing to worry about however it 10000% is. 

-spoke to McAfee who Verizon directed me to when I had to go to a verizon store to use their landline since my *611 when calling IN wasn’t working. The manager said she only sells phones not helps with this stuff. Mcafee confirmed there is at LEAST one other user using my data and/or account or I’ve somehow been hacked because my iPhones data logs are recording an iPhone 13 being used! I USE AN IPHONE 12 PRO MAX. 

-phone WAS stolen back in December which is when I reported it to Verizon, however I did not ever order a new one since it’s 250$ and I could not afford at the time. I used my iPhone 6+ and 8+ until I finally ordered my replacement on April 4th. I pay for the most expensive protection plan and it was supposed to come same day. It did not and came 3 or 4 days later I forget. And yes my payment was made many many hours before the cut off for that day. When I spoke to verizon again I was told to replace the device again. I did. When I called asurion I asked if there had been any other orders for replacements out of curiosity. They said YES that a phone claim was made on December 23rd, 2021 and a replacement arrived on JANUARY 13th, 2023?!?! WHAT? 1. I didn’t do that I don’t believe I was ever charged?….. but I never received a phone either…… 2. Asurion doesn’t send a replacement phone almost a month later…. The rep confirmed that however told me to contact Verizon. Neither of them want to take any responsibility let alone help or give me any answers besides oh well, or “I’ve never heard of this happening” ….. NEITHER HAVE I?…… im not the phone company?…. Not a hacker?…. Not an expert on what’s exactly happening I just WANT IT TO STOP SO MY INFO IS PRIVATE AGAIN. My bank won’t give me my money back because all the fraudulent charges made were “DONE FROM MY PHONE NUMBER!!”. Sorry I am so upset I just feel like crying and this has honestly ruined my life. Not having any sympathy let alone reps who know simple things such as what a sim pin is is just so frustrating. It’s somewhat comforting (I know I hate to say it) to read that Verizon isn’t just like this with me on these forums because I’m so lost it’s even good knowing I’m not alone. You would think they’d care after 2 1/2 months of calls and calls and calls and data breached and insane amounts of data being used, calls and changes I didn’t make, meanwhile logging “0GB” of data from my end…. but nope. They don’t. 140$ a month even 170$ a month at times all totally random stuff over last few months…. and I can’t even get a hotspot I once had. This is just incredible sad and heinous, and seems like considering the sad stories I’ve read on here. Please help me. I can’t even get someone to call me back. How can I pay Verizon when it’s been a full time job trying to explain to them what their own plans are. Honestly got any jobs Verizon? Hah I’m now better at troubleshooting and identifying possible issues than 95% of the employees I’ve spoken to. The good ones are great but it’s so few and short in between this is making me feel trapped and helpless. Meh. 

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