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Re: Why don't people like iPhones?
Contributor - Level 1

technomom wrote:

...For the money I pay for iPhone, I expect to get more than Android.    But you simply do not get more.  You get a little more polish, but very little function. 

I have to agree with you there.    I just got an iPhone 4S 32gig for work.  (I've had a personal iPod Classic, and got an iPad2 64gig Wifi for the wife on its release day).    The UI and applications feel more consistent, polished and clean.  But that is where my "praise" would stop.

Having used cell phones since 1993,   and everything from feature phones to smart phones, blackberries, android, windows mobile, etc.   The iPhone just feels "basic."

Navigating folders in my corporate email box is a pain. 

While I use google services like Gmail, Gtalk, etc.  since this is my work phone, those services are not as important.  Things like accepting calendar appointments (via exchange active sync) take extra steps (they come in as attachments, that I have to open twice before I can accept/decline/mark tentative). 

With the layout of many of the on-screen controls,  like the "back" function in the upper left,  I'm glad this is only a 3.5" screen or I'd have to reposition my hand each time I'd try and hit it.  (example: while reading an email the button to go back to the inbox is in the top left corner and the next/prev buttons are in the top right).

Since the mail icon is at the bottom of each of the "home" screens,  it having an idicator on it for new mail is good.  But other apps, and things,  you have to scroll through to see the icons if they have anything new (like Xfinity Mobile, Gmail app, TWC app, etc).  I haven't yet used the Facebook app to see what it or its notifications are like.   It doesn't appear that I can change the sounds used to notifiy me in the Xfinity, Gmail or MSLinc apps.

I miss the FREE Google Maps Navigation (with voice) of my Android devices.  Mapquest for Mobile at least is usable on the iPhone for a free voice turn by turn navigation app but its not as good. 

The "iPod" music player feature is good, but that is expected.  However, I still miss some of the features of my old Creative NoMad ZEN Usb 2.0.

But just like my Moto Xoom compared to our iPad2,  I can do more on the Xoom, and easily, just not as polished.

Re: Why don't people like iPhones?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I don't know how others here feel about the iPhone, but I do get the sense that it's kind of "played out and so 2007" from others I know who have one. As for myself...

I decided against an iPhone because of what happened to my G4 iPod touch, after a year the home button stopped working making the iPod difficult to use (you have to switch the thing off completely if you want to go from hearing music to watching a film, bit of a pain, but I am not paying another $300 for another one and nobody seems to know how to fix it). Apple has not made that button virtual yet for reasons only known to them and I wasn't going to risk another home button fiasco.

I decided on the droid for the above reason and also to give Apple a run for it's money, I have two of them (one for personal use and one for business, an HTC Inc2 and a Droid Bionic. So far both phones have been fabulous, the younger one, the Bionic I am still learning. I think the reason why people liked the iPhone so much is it was kind of elitist to own one several years ago and I guess people still think that or maybe it's just a phone that's easy to use.

As for size, well Droid owns it. I went to a concert recently and a guy not sitting far from me had his iPhone 4S out, I had forgotten how small they were and I had a laugh when I realized that my Bionic as far as size is concerned could squish it like an iBug. *photo of size difference attached*

But at the end of the day it all comes down to preference. Some people like smaller and are loyal to apple, I just like larger screens and the 4G LTE.

Re: Why don't people like iPhones?
Enthusiast - Level 1

The reasons I don't like iPhone is because it is limited. It's not open. There is really no drag and drop. You have to have iTunes which the program it's self is slow and lame. You have to constantly sync your phone. Also, every iPhone is limited on it's performance. My Droid Incredible that came out in April 2010 before the iPhone 4 was specs wise better. That phone will still compete with the iPhone 4S. Specs for specs, iPhone is usually weaker. The phone cost more and it's limited in it's performance, makes no sense. And almost everything that iPhone comes out with is copied from Android. Even Siri.

I have come to learn though, that, if your Android based phone is not performing well, it's user related. The only problem I had with any of mine, was with the Incredible, the problem? Blown the speaker. That was my fault.

Re: Why don't people like iPhones?

xD HSAHAHHAHhahahahhaha i luv iphones

Re: Why don't people like iPhones?
Enthusiast - Level 2

After 3 Droids over the last 3 years I finally got a 4s last week.  It was a big step for me since I really liked Android but the software and hardware fragmentation was starting to get to me. One week and and I'm absolutely blown away by iOS and the iPhone. The screen is smallish (especially coming from a Razr behemoth) but is so clear that it's just as easy to see as my Razr.

The hardware is more solid than any Android I ever had and the software is buttery smooth, again better than anything in my 3 years with Android.

What I miss:

It's not really as much as I thought but there are sme things that I do miss about Android.

1) Swiftkey (or any keyboard replacement). I wasn't a big fan of Swype but used Swiftkey extensively. I really miss being able to type entire text messages without typing out a single work. I hope iOS 5 allows us to change the keyboard.

2) Widgets. Although I don't miss them as much as I though, I still wish I had them, especially the toggles (wi-fi, bluetooth, etc). I do like the weather widget in the notifications bar though.

3) Screen size. Coming from the Razr (which was too big IMO), it was a big adjustment. I'd rather have the smallish iPhone though over the Rzar behometh.

4) Google navigation. I am going to have to buy a good nav app but I'm still doing some research on whch one I should get.

5) Free apps. It seems like there are more ad-based free apps (that I am interested in) for Android. Most of the good ones for iOS cost money. I guess I'll be picking up some iTunes cards.

What I like:

1) The display quality. I am loving the Retina display. It definitely helps overcome the screen size. What a beatiful display!

2) Apps. This is a biggie for me. It's not the total amoutof apps but the quality of the apps. There are simply better apps available for iOS. Even the ones that I had in Android are better in iOS.

3) The camera. Nothing else needs to be said. Nothing comes close.

4) The iOS ecosystem. Again, there isn't much else to say here. There are simply more third party accessories that one could ever need or use. There is something for every taste, style and need.

5) Size. It fits great in my pocket and in my hand.

6) Build quality. It's a very solid, well built piece of electronics.