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Why have I been misled/lied to by Verizon wireless cust. serv. rep. (csr) many,many times?

          Lets start by saying that I have had numerous problems with Verizon wireless in the past, but this time takes the cake.

So my daughter purchased a I ph.5c on a 2yr contract in March 2014 and in March 2015 she dropped and cracked the screen. Rather then taking it in to be fixed, she goes to a Verizon corporate store to see what could be done (yes I gave her permission to access the account and only access the account).  The csr in the store started working her magic and here is how that went.  She talked my daughter into buying a new I ph.6, switching my 700 min. plan to the Edge Plan  and told her that the phone was only going to cost her $2.08 a month for 24 months and would receive all the accessories  by buying  it as a package deal.  Well... my daughter fell for it. Well the csr had her so convinced that it was such a great deal that  she failed to check with me.  I am the account holder.  So after the deal was done I went in to the store and talked to the csr.  She tried to sell me on the same deal by telling me the same thing.  I  declined.   When  I got the monthly bill  here is how it read...the phone was $27.08 a month with a $40.00 a month line access charge, a $25.00 line credit making the line charge $15.00.  My sons line charge also changed to $15.00 (his line is out of contract) while my wife and mine increasing to $40.00 ea. per. month with a $10.00 ea line credit for a charge of $30.00 ea. per. month.  The  only reason I did not pursue it was somehow the total bill dropped by a couple of dollars a month. That does not make the csr. in the right.  I am the account holder and she should have talked to me first before making the changes. (Question? what ever happened to the last yr. on the I ph.5c contract). My daughter was also told by the csr in the store that if my wife and I would change our lines to smart phones our line charges would drop from $30.00 to $15.00 per month.  I was also told the same thing  by her when I was there. 

       A couple days later I contacted Verizon csr by phone (NewYork) office and told them that I had a Iph.4 and a Iph.5c (the broken one, now fixed) that I wanted to activate.  The 5c for my wife and the 4 for myself and wanted to know what the line charges would be.   He also told me the same thing.  That the line charges would be $15.00 ea. per month and so I had them turned on. When I received my bill, my line charge was right and my wives line charge was $40.00.  Once again I contacted verizon csr by phone (NewYork) office and was told that my wives line had 7 months left on a contract from the previous phone and was offered a one time credit of $20.00 which I never received, but does not make it right yet. So I contacted verizon csr by phone again (NewYork) office and they offered to change my plan to the Verizon plan to lower my wives line charge (and in that same call was told when the Iphs.6 are paid off ,their line charges will go to $40.00 per month).  When I got the bill it was $40.00 again, plus the total charges were way off.  Once again I called them telling them of the situation and after a lengthy conversation with several reps they  offered to adjust the bill again. It seems to me they mislead you/lie to a person and then tell you sorry this is how it is. I have been with Verizon wireless for 23 yrs. when it was GTE and should not have to deal with this every month.  Is this the way to treat loyal customers who pay their bills on time. OH did  I mention how I have other interest in Verizon Corp. I think it would be a good thing if the Indiana State Attorney generals office would be informed of Verizons Pratices, and cc the Verizon executive leadership team. If I knew that I would have reliable service with another network I would not hesitate to drop Verizon in a NewYork minute along with all my other interest with them.

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Re: Why have I been misled/lied to by Verizon wireless cust. serv. rep. (csr) many,many times?
Customer Service Rep

I am determined to take care of this for you. I have sent you a Private Message regarding this situation.

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Re: Why have I been misled/lied to by Verizon wireless cust. serv. rep. (csr) many,many times?
Champion - Level 1

Why would they call u when you already said you gave permission for her to do what she had to do to get a new phone? Lesson learned.