Why was I charged for Roaming on Verizon when I used internet call?
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I just got my new iPhone 6 and still learning to use it.  3 days after I got the iPhone, I was overseas. I made several calls via Viber and WeChat but was charged by Verizon as roaming calls. I don't understand why since I dialed the calls within the Viber and WeChat apps and I had wifi connections. I got on the internet on the iPhone 6.

I just find out from Verizon that my iPhone 6 was set up for Roaming - Voice as standard. If my iPhone 6 had Cellular set to Roaming Voice Only, will Roaming take precedence over internet calling such as with Viber or WeChat?

I was very angry with Verizon since they set up my iPhone 6 for Roaming and I told the salesperson I would be traveling overseas. As a new user, I would not know that there was an option to turn Roaming off. Verizon refused to waive the roaming charges stating that the calls were made from my phone. This had been a very frustrating experience with Verizon. We had been a Verizon customer for over 20 years.

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Re: Why was I charged for Roaming on Verizon when I used internet call?

Are you sure the roaming charges are not for using the data to make the calls, and not roaming voice minutes? That would make more sense.  If you use Viber or WeChat overseas and are not connected to wifi at the time you make you call, the data will go over the cellular network and you will get very expensive roaming data charges. Also you should have just had cellular turned completely off and only use wifi. The best way to do this is put the phone in airplane mode and then only turn on wifi.