Why was my order refunded with no notification
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Why was my order refunded with no notification? No email , text , call anything ? When I go in my account it does not say that is canceled . I talked to an online rep and they said it wasn’t canceled. Yet I see a refund for the amount I paid in my card account ? What’s going on ? 

Re: Why was my order refunded with no notification
Customer Service Rep

That certainly would be surprising to have your order refunded without warning, QueenieGreen16. We'd love to help look into this order and clarify what's happened with it. We'll be sending you a Private Message to get started. 


Re: Why was my order refunded with no notification
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Similar issue happened with my recent Airpods Pro order. Order item was returned from midway but order status still shows as "Shipped". Verizon has received back item in its warehous on August 6 but no refund yet. Everytime I talk to customer service they wil say "sorry sir we can't do anything". I never understand if you can't do anything then what teh heck are you doing there, just get out of the job. Nobody is helping instead customer representatives are talking abusively on call which is completely unacceptable from such a big company that they have abusive people in their customer service team. I will never recommend anyone to buy anything from Verizon and will soon move my Family plan from Verizon to something else.